So I actually won something. And not just something, THREE things! The month of February has been pretty good to me because I won a Lowe’s gift card from Remodelaholic, a calendar from Bpaperie, and a faucet from Virtu USA during their Dream Bathroom Giveaway! ¬†This never happens and I feel like Charlie Sheen because I’m obviously winning right now.

Dream Bathroom Giveaway

I went to Virtu USA’s website to check out the goods and loved way too many of their faucets. Then I saw that they carried kitchen faucets and the wheels started turning. We’ve made a ton of progress in the kitchen but we still have a lot of projects on the ol’ to-do list. Some of them Nate and I talk about over dinner, others of them are ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest or from other bloggers that I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t actually verbalized them.

Getting the kitchen faucet would be the perfect kick in the pants to get phase 2 of kitchen updates moving. Here’s what’s in my head (sorry hubby that this is the first time you’re seeing some of these!):

*Replace faucet
*Update sink to an under mount sink
*Replace countertops with white quartz
*Paint lower cabinets gray for a tuxedo look like this
*Buy and install island
*Purchase bar stools
*Replace ceiling fan with Pendant lighting
*Add trim to the bottom of the cabinets
*Figure out a way to DIY the top of the cabinets to look taller even with our curved ceiling
*Tile floors

We’ve already done a ton in the kitchen so you can just go ahead and give me a virtual butt slap for a job well done:

*Painted the cabinets white
*Added brushed nickel hardware to cabinets
*Replaced the fridge and dishwasher with stainless steel appliances
*DIYed white valances
*Refinished the laminate countertops for $22


Decorated Kitchen Counters

*Painted the walls blue than Blindfold by Valspar
*Replaced the oak blinds with white blinds
*Replaced the broken sliding glass door with a French door
*Built a custom banquette

Banquette 1 wm

*Refinished the laminate countertops for $22
*Removed the flourescent light and tacky woodwork over the window
*Replaced the light with a modern pendant
*Turned the stupid pantry into a display

"Pantry" Makeover


The thing about my current list is that they’re all pretty big ticket items. The countertops and sink aren’t something I’d buy on a whim so because of that they keep getting knocked down lower and lower on my list. I like projects I can tackle on my own. I hate having to work around Nate’s schedule or worse, a professional’s. There’s a reason why it took me over a year to replace the broken sliding glass door when I legitimately had it on our to do list for moving week.

So I’m going to need some serious motivation and it’s coming in the form of a FREE faucet! I’m not going to install the new faucet until we get our new sink and countertop so I know having a brand spankin new faucet just sitting in its box is going to drive me crazy. Here are my top three choices in no particular order:


Triton PSK- 1004

Ceto PSK- 1007


online poll by Opinion Stage

There’s a lot to love about these three options. They all have a few things in common. The height on these babies makes them so much more substantial. I also love the single mount because it’s much more modern than our current set-up. The pull down sprayer is much more convenient and I love having the water control on the side instead of on the sink. One thing that I think will be a huge plus is less to clean around.

So here’s where you come in. Which faucet would you chose? Take the poll and let me know which one you think would be best? Thanks so much!


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